Sell your bike

Sell your bike with us

Email with the following details;

  • Bike Make
  • Bike Model
  • Bike location (e.g. Shropshire or Shrewsbury)
  • Description including approximate year of manufacture
  • At least 1 picture of your bike (maximum of 4 pictures)
  • The price you want for your bike
  • Your phone number (for potential customers to call you on)
  • The email address you send from will be used for contact

We do not charge for this service, but it is greatly appreciated if you could make a small donation if you sell your bike as a direct result of it being listed on this site. 

Your email and phone number are needed for potential customers to contact you, they will be visible on the listing.

Any inappropriate language / pictures within the listing will result in your listing being terminated.

Once the listing is live, you will not be able to edit it. Please make sure that all details are correct before you press send.

When you sell your bike please let us know so we can remove your listing. This helps keep the site more relevant for everyone, and will stop unwanted contact regarding said bike.

Listings will be automatically deleted after 6 months.

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