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We can help with registration of a machine at DVLA Swansea

It all depends what you need to do.

If you don’t know what the original reg. number  of the bike was Mike Estall will be able to give you information from factory records telling exactly which dealer Triumph originally delivered it to. The only hope is that this dealer’s old records are still in existence, or those of the local authority they registered  it with, and you can get a copy. This is unlikely but by no means unknown, so well worth investigating.

If you have any other documentation, like the old buff log book, which proves the connection of the bike’s frame to the old reg no it should be quite easy to retrieve the original registration. Firstly check on the DVLA website if the number is still available and hasn’t been transferred to another vehicle.

If you do have original documents don’t  send them direct to Swansea as they may be lost. Firstly send them to me by registered post , I will then make authorised copies for you to send to Swansea with the application, and return the originals to you by registered post. 

Then I need to authorise the application for you on a v765 form, fill in a v55/5 form and make you a dating certificate for the bike. At this stage you don’t need to have the bike finished because you aren’t actually ‘taxing’ it. I also need from you a pic of each side of the bike and it’s frame and engine numbers.

If you don’t have any of the above proof then you will have to get an ‘age related’ plate for it. It is no good applying until you have the bike completed and roadworthy, as it may need to be inspected as such, and you will need to send in a club report that the bike is a ‘true representation of the marque and built from parts of the correct date’ with a few exceptions like tyres, wheel rims and spokes. (Note: If you use newly manufactured or unoriginal parts, like frame/forks/engine etc. DVLA will issue a ‘Q’ plate which is most undesirable).

The DVLA then do usually require the machine to be inspected, before they will issue an ‘age related’ number, which will be based on the latest datable component i.e. if you have a 1959 frame with a 1962 engine then the  bike will be registered as a 1962 model and will be eligible for free tax and MOT if tyour machine is over 40 years old. I shall need pics of the completed bike and of the frame and engine numbers.  There is a charge for each certificate, report or authorisation and for each authorized copy as required.

It is possible to complete the registration process yourself and the DVLA will send a pack of forms on request, but it is complicated and we can complete either option for you if you wish. The normal fee for this service is £105.50, which includes all forms, copying, authorisations, dating information, postage and life membership of the Association ( worth £35), and usually results in issue of a V5C within about 3 weeks. You can join in advance if you wish to take advantage of supplier discounts, and the membership fee will be deducted  from the total above later. 

Additionally DVLA Swansea may request that the machine is inspected by a third party, SGS Ltd., who will come to your premises by appointment, at no cost to the owner.

Note: DVLA will also require a first registration payment of £55, and sometimes confirmation from HMRC on a NOVA form that, your machine is not liable for VAT, has not been imported and, if pre-1960, that it is not liable for MOT testing, on a V112 form.
If I can be of further assistance please call 07887 917466. Mike Powell 1/6/16.


As an authorised vehicle owners club we are accredited by the DVLA Swansea to issue Dating Certificates regarding Triumph motorcycles, and to advise owners on registration matters.

If you have an old Tiger Cub or Terrier which requires registration or one that DVLA has no record of and you wish to use the V765 or the ‘age related scheme’, then we can help.

In the mid 70’s DVLA began computerisation of all the old county council registration records. During this time many records were lost, destroyed or otherwise not transferred and by closure of the process in 1980 many existing vehicles were not on the new system. If your vehicle was one of these, and you can prove the connection between its frame/vin number and the original registration number by production of documentary proof, then DVLA will normally re-issue that number to the machine on a new V5C.

If you cannot produce this evidence (which can be a number of documents but most commonly the old folding style V10 “buff log book”) then you can still apply for a registration on the “age related” scheme.  Under no circumstances should you send original documents to Swansea at this stage in case of loss.

Either way the first step is to obtain a dating certificate based on the frame number of your motorcycle. We need to see photos of both sides of the machine, and its frame and engine numbers, also the originals of any documentation you have to support the application. Send these by registered post to us for authorised stamped copies, which DVLA will accept.

You can apply for the registration personally based on these documents if you wish or the club will handle the complete process for you if required, for a fee. We supply and complete all the necessary forms and authorisations, then forward to Swansea on your behalf including all postage and copying costs etc.

Please contact Mike Powell or Mike Estall if you need any more information on your machine or the registration process.

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